Air-Cooled Chiller Installation

Location: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Hughes Spalding

Equipment: Trane RTAA125

Description of Job: Galgon HVAC began by performing an inspection to find that the hospital’s existing chiller had been damaged by a hail storm that hit Atlanta. After determining that three (3) compressors and one of the condenser coils would need to be replaced along with all associated parts and materials, it was decided that replacing the chiller would be a more cost effective alternative. Once we decided on the best size chiller based on the load, energy costs and space availability, a return on investment analysis was performed to justify the costs of a new chiller. The Trane RTUAA125 air-cooled chiller proved to be the most cost effective. After approval by the hospital to proceed, the chiller was ordered and fast shipped. The chiller was installed and put into operation in May of 2008. Our service technicians, along with our own welders / pipefitters, worked relentlessly to get the chiller piped in and running.