Installation of (2) Liebert PDX Units in Server Room

Location: LGE Credit Union, Marietta GA

Equipment: Installation of (2) Liebert PDX Units in Server Room


Description of Job: This Customer currently had (2) Liebert Mini-Mates in place to cool their server room. These units straddled a wall up in the ceiling making them extremely difficult to access and service whenever needed. We provided the solution of installing (2) new Liebert PDX units. This eliminated the pain of accessing the Mini-Mates in the ceiling. We installed the PDX unit’s right in the server room, readily available to access when needed.

The Customer’s main concern was the lift to get the Liebert condensers up to the roof. The roof was above the Customer’s drive thru ATM and they did not want to hinder their customers’ ability to access this service. Having this Customer’s concern in mind, we executed this lift in a matter of 2 hours. This meant minimum downtime of the ATM and one please Customer.