Welding & Pipefitting Jobs (Including Emergency Service)

Location: Misc. Welding & Pipefitting Projects

Equipment: Portable & Mobile Service Trucks

Description of Job: Galgon HVAC employs all their welders and pipefitters. We find this allows us to have better control over the installation which gives our Customers the best quality installation. Our employees will install the best craftsmanship in the industry. There is no job too small or large. Galgon HVAC will be there to serve you in any capacity to keep your facility operational. Our capabilities include, but not limited to: welding, stainless steel tig welding, pipefitting, hot taps, pipe grooving for Victaulic Fittings or ProPress System Fittings (no torch).

You can plan for the unexpected emergencies.
The installation of Emergency Chilled Water or Heating Water Taps is critical to your operation if a failure should occur. This installation will allow you to connect a temporary chiller or boiler to your existing system without unnecessary overtime cost. Your facility will be back in operation as soon as the temporary equipment arrives.