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Welcome to
Galgon HVAC & Mechanical Service, Inc.

Galgon HVAC continues to be the leader in the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry in the Atlanta area. Our team is committed to building relationships with our customers that will last a lifetime.

We combine Atlanta's most knowledgeable employees in the HVAC & refrigeration industry with exceptional personalized service. Personal, professional service will be the foundation as we build our success, our stability & our growth.

We will make ourselves available to assist our customers in any way that we can, for any problem that may arise.

We believe in strong and open communication within our company and with our customers.

We understand that a successful relationship with our customer begins with communication. Additionally; understand that the only way to know our customers' needs is to listen.

We promise to continue to be your solution provider.

Our clients include:

• Healthcare
• Research & Lab Facilities
• Industrials/Process Plants
• Refrigeration and Cold Storage Plants
• Medical Laboratories
• Blood Storage Facilities
• Office Buildings
• Schools
• Data Centers
• Government Facilities
• Churches

At GALGON HVAC, we have the capabilities to replace your existing equipment with newer, more efficient systems that have the latest technology available to fit your needs. This includes:

• Chillers
• Cooling Towers
• Pumps
• Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers
• Air Handling Units
• Large & Small RTUS (rooftop units)
• Split Systems
• Computer Room Units
• Supplementary HVAC Boilers
• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
• Building Automated Control Systems
• Air Distribution Systems
• Piping / Hot Taps / Welding
• Equipment Rental
• Entire System Analysis
• O&M / Data Center Operations
• Refrigeration
• Cold Storage
• Scientific Refrigeration
• Laboratory Refrigerators
• Ice Machines

Every project will be installed with superior quality and workmanship.

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