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One of the most simplistic solutions for smaller commercial HVAC applications is the mini-split systems. These systems and small and flexible by nature and are usually very easy to install. These systems and great for zoning out small spaces without breaking the bank.

Mini-split systems installations are nice because it eliminates the need for duct work. You can use a wall mounted or ceiling cassette evaporator and have them blow air directly into the space. What is also nice is you can have one condensing unit for multiple evaporators.

You can also get the evaporators in many different shapes and sizes depending on the application. These include:

• Ceiling cassette
• Wall mounted
• Floor standing
• Concealed duct

The maintenance of these mini-split systems is also very easy. They usually come with a washable/reusable filter for the evaporator. It would need to be cleaned typically once every quarter. It would also require to clean the condenser coils at least once a year, depending on how dirty they get
and what the environment around them is.

Commercial applications for a mini-split system include:

• Office/room additions
• Elevator equipment rooms
• MRI equipment rooms
• Mechanical rooms
• Server rooms
• Classrooms
• Storage containers

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