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Full Maintenance Program


Protecting Your Equipment

At Galgon HVAC & Mechanical Service we treat your equipment like it is our own. We do not cut corners to increase company profits at your equipment’s expense. We strive to have a life-long partnership and provide you with a competitive cost for services and risk for a reasonable and fair profit.

Don’t be fooled by lower up front prices because the cheapest is not always the best value. If you end up having to terminate the agreement with the lower priced service company, the equipment still belongs to you. Make sure yours is being taken care of.

Creating a Partnership

The word partnership is used, because that is what it will be. Together we must work together for the same goal; to maintain zero downtime and maintain the highest Customer Satisfaction. The Full Maintenance Program can be tailored to your building/facilities needs and budget. Galgon HVAC & Mechanical Service will work with you to achieve that common goal.

The Full Maintenance Program will include ALL of the Planned Maintenance Services plus the following benefits:

  • Full Maintenance Program allows you to accurately budget a fixed cost to maintain your facility.
  • Full Maintenance Program provides optimum equipment reliability.
  • Galgon HVAC & Mechanical Service Fleet is completely equipped to handle unscheduled emergency repairs promptly.
  • Full Maintenance Program is supported through the all equipment manufacturers.
  • Full Maintenance Program reduces your need for costly spare or emergency equipment.
  • Our Full Maintenance Program is custom tailored to your needs. Galgon HVAC & Mechanical Service Technicians perform

    our regular planned maintenance that keeps your equipment in peak condition and assures you virtually continuous uptime.

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